Training programs

Nonprofessional occupations in Russia are more and more demanded among employers and are less and less popular among entrants. Our education system at the plant assumes training in rather rare working specialties.

"Red October" is a large machine-building enterprise at which training of personnel by own forces hah been always practiced. There is a licensed education and production complex in the plant.

Young personnel is trained in various working professions in this complex. For example, for casting production, perhaps, only we train moulder, pull men, pourers. We provide training in complex turnery for all groups of machines: turner-grinder, borer, turner-driller.

According to programs of training, there are theoretical and practical parts. The most skilled personnel of the plant shares theoretical knowledge, shows everything in practice. We enter into a student's contract with the future specialist, after that he is attached to the mentor. Mentors are the most skilled workers who give practical skills of work on processing equipment. From the first day employees are involved in real projects, get necessary experience for successful career.

According to the license a man can study different specialties at the education and production complex, including trunk crane operators, slingers, milling-machine operators, drillers, moulders, etc.

Since 2007, production of a wide range of the upgraded belt conveyors with a width of belt cloth from 800 to 1400 mm, drive from 75 kW to 1.5 MW, equipped with the system of smooth start-up or hydraulic clutches, manufactured by the company "VOITH", "Flender", etc. has began. The reached agreements with the STM and GSM s.p.a. gearboxes producer allow to receive regularly the necessary number of the equipment. Besides, the issue with STM and GSM s.p.a on gearbox guarantee maintenance is solved.

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