Main information

Suspension cylinder groups represent pneumatic elastic elements of piston type in combination with the hydraulic buffer.

Operating element in cylinders is a technical gaseous nitrogen.

As the working fluid in a cylinder of a pendant liquid Lukoil-AZh is applied.

7521-2907 (2917) 020
7513-2907 (2917) 020

Repair of a suspension includes check of its technical condition, disassembly, replacement and repair of details, assembly and setting of angles, installation of front wheels. Repair of details of a suspension includes usually repair of a shock strut or the shock-absorber and also repressing of silent block of suspension arms.


Maintenance service of the overturning mechanism is to wash a tank, check leakage and timely tighten connections of oil pipelines and hoses, check level and replace working liquid and the filtering elements of an oil tank and a crancase. It is necessary to apply working liquid for a hydraulic system of the overturning mechanism that has purity class not less than 12 according to GOST17216-71.