Technological capabilities

Implementation of the import substitution program of the “Red October” plant



We do not stop developing and improving. We introduce innovative technologies, we use the most modern equipment and materials.


We make competitive products, we are actively engaged in import substitution. Products, that had to be bought abroad earlier, can be bought in the region now, and we are ready to give it.


We carry out product modernization To unlock the potential of our plant on a regular basis. We were actively engaged in it in 2018 and we will continue down the line.

78 years

rich labour history with more than 7 decades

Put into operation

The universal lathe on seals production

It allows to make analogs of foreign seals from any materials with a diameter up to 500 mm.

The lathe with  operational control system

Parts up to 4000 mm in length and up to 1000 mm in diameter are processed by means of the lathe. The primary use is manufacture of any hydraulic cylinders, including cylinders and rods from hydraulic cylinders of the quarry equipment (PC-4000).

Turning and rotary machine

The machine is equipped with modern servos and servomotors. The primary use of this machine is motor wheel reducing gear details of dump trucks, drums, naves, bearing bodies, etc. Processing of parts up to 1600 mm.

Gaz - the plazma cutting gantry  with the table 3 × 12 meters

It allows to make cutting of a metal sheet  from 1 mm to 150 mm thick. The gantry has a function of metal cutting in three planes that gives the chance to conduct removal of curved facets (to be welded and constructive) on parts  from steel alloy without any problems. The gantry is equipped with the CNC modern system that allows to save not only time, but also material, and it directly influences reduction of product cost. The gantry is irreplaceable at high-performance metal cutting, including when cutting a leaf for metalwork production - analogs of the foreign mechanized shorings.

Nitriding furnace

Possibilities of the furnace are increase in superficial accuracy, wear resistance and corrosion firmness on reducing gears motor wheel parts of the BelAZ dump truck, parts of the BeLAZ pneumatichydraulic suspensions, parts of reducing gears. It is the technology, that allows to avoid a driver pin during thermal processing and to receive hardness up to 1000HV.

The universal turning processing center with the CNC system

With the power tool and axis Y.

It will allow to process parts that are 2200 m long, to sharpen diameter up to 650 mm, and to establish parts with a diameter up to 975 mm. The turning center gives the chance to perform turning, milling and drilling works of any complexity in one installation of a part. The main function is production of any parts of power hydraulic cylinders, parts of all types of reducing gears.

Cementation furnace and tempering furnace

Maintenance of carbon potential of atmosphere in the furnace is controlled by electronic system. The main function of the furnace is heat treatment of parts up to 4000 mm in length with conducting volume hardening, cementation, nitrocementation and tempering of dimensional parts, including heat treatment of driving drums shafts 4000 mm in length.

Gear-hobbing machine

The machine with the largest diameter of the processed item – 1250 mm and the maximum module up to 16 mm. It is equipped with the feed system on the modern servo-driver and the table with digital readers. The main drive is on the frequency converter. The main function is manufacture of precision gear wheels.

Electric-spark machine

The machine allows precision processing of any shapes from any conducting material.

Gear-shaping machine

The machine with the table diameter of 1000 mm and the maximum module of 12 mm. It is equipped with a radial feed box on the modern servo-driver, with digital readers. The main function is production of precision gear wheels and crown gear wheels.

The gear grinding machine working on the form wheel

The precision, high-performance equipment allows to carry out grinding of straight and helical gear wheels to the maximum 4 degrees of accuracy (reflecting surface). The main direction is production of precision parts of reducing gears. There are no analogs in our region.

Intra bore grinder

The machine with the possibility of internal diameters processing up to 500 mm and up to 500 mm in length. The main function is production of precision gear wheels.


the first half of 2019

Honing machine

Possibility of tooling with the internal diameter up to 500 mm and up to 4000 mm in length. It is a universal machine that allows to achieve the process sign up to Ra0.1 and the hole grade on H8. The main direction is substantial increase of processing quality of an internal surface of power hydraulic cylinders of the mechanized shorings and hydraulic cylinders of the quarry equipment.

Circular grinding machine

The cylindrical grinding machine with the possibility of an external surface grinding is up to 4000 mm in length and with the diameter up to 500 mm. The main function is production and repair of power hydraulic cylinders rods and hydraulic cylinders of the quarry equipment.

Expansion of the galvanic line possibility

Acquisition of additional bathtubs chain of chromium plating up to 3.5 m in depth. The main purpose is production and repair of power hydraulic cylinders rods and hydraulic cylinders of the quarry equipment.

The four-roll forming machine with the CNC system

Feedwell forming from the leaf up to 40 mm thick of cylindrical and conical shape with bend end. The main direction is production of feedwells of belt conveyors drum.



  • Work with a plate from 1 to 70 mm thick from low-carbon steel and steel alloy, bar from 16 to 360 mm. Long products, angle bar from 25 mm, a channel from 5 mm, various beams.

  • Cutout on guillotines (max thickness of 20 mm), on gas-cutting machine.

  • Roll-forming (plate 25 ∅ from 500 to 2000 mm).

  • Steel casting 35L, 45L massive casting up to 700 kg.

  • Centrifugal casting of non-ferrous metals up to 100 kg in weight.

  • Work with the alloyed constructional materials 18HGT, 20H2N4A, 30HGSA, st45, 40X, etc.

Rubber products

Various rubber products from KR-360, 7V14 rubber. Work with polyamide, thermolayer up to 125 cm3.


Galvanic installation allows to apply a chrome hard and chrome lactic covering on cylindrical surfaces up to 2000 mm in length and up to 500 mm in diameter. Galvanizing of a metalware, loading up to 10 kg, an additional bathtub for galvanizing 800 mm wide, 500 mm long, 800 mm high.

Welding production

Assembly and welding in a mixture CO 2 with argon of various metalwork. There are assembly plates and tilters. Devices on the batch of welded details are made on enterprise. There is an opportunity to make tempering for tension relief after welding (if necessary). We conduct surfacing of various materials.

Internal surfacing: ∅ from 180 to 400 mm, length up to 1600 mm.

External surfacing:∅ from 150 to 2000 mm.



We manufacture repair the mining equipment:

  • telescopic belt conveyors;
  • belt loading cranes;
  • drums, rollers of belt conveyors and loading cranes and also their components;
  • sprinkler irrigation machinery;
  • gravelspreading machinery;
  • towing tractors;
  • equipment for the motor wheel removal;
  • cylinders, overturning suspensions; mechanism;
  • gear wheels;
  • metalwork of the mechanized complex sections;
  • power hydraulics;
  • air ducts;
  • rubber products;
  • reducing gears of different types;
  • body casting of reducing gear parts and many other things.

Besides, we specialize in repair of reducing gears by foreign production. We have been cooperating on production and repair of the quarry equipment on a regular basis with JSC “Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company”, JSC Holding Company “Siberian Business Union”, JSC “Sibirsky Antratsit”, PJSC “Polyus” since 2015. We have recently implemented the project on hydraulic cylinders production of the Komatsu PC4000 excavator for “Chernogorsky” (LLC SUEK-KHAKASSIA) coal mine.