Electrohydraulic advancer

Main information

Complete electrohydraulic advancer for a suspension, movements and deduction of the equipment of the main power train.

Monorail tilt angle 0°...25°
Course of movement, m 0,8

Total maximum mass of the moved equipment, kg



66 000

138 500

Total length of set with the equipment and the advancer, m





Production tilt angle




It is engineered for relocation of equipment of a face power train by a suspended monorail of a DP-155 type in contour drifts of a face fitted with shearer-loaders with operating width of an executor up to 1.0 m or with plough installations.

It is used with a powered support connected with conveyor at formations with thickness of more than 1.2 m.

A hydraulic advancer performs relocation of equipment of a face power train at a pitch, which is equal to a pitch of relocation of main equipment of the production face in one working pass of a machine. Also, in case of necessity, relocation of power train during assembling and disassembling operations is possible.