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Belt conveyors are the most productive type of continuous transport used for conveying of bulk and piece freights with various capacity and conveyer belt speed. The transportation distance by belt conveyors is several kilometers, and their route can have various scheme that allows to adapt conveyors to production conditions and the area.

By designing a conveyor, we define the scheme of its route, basic data (productivity, belt speed, characteristic of the transported freight) and other service conditions of this conveyor.

The plant specializes in belt conveyor manufacturing with a belt width of 800 and 1000 mm, with a total power of drives from 75 to 500 kW, transportation up to 1500 meters long.

We execute individual orders of consumers on design, production of non-standard samples of conveyors.

Design and production of stationary and semiportable belt conveyors. All belt conveyors released by the plant correspond to GOST P 51984-2002 and have the certificate of conformity and permission for use in coal mines, including in mines, with dangerous concentration of gases and dust. The plant has the permission to make belt conveyors with a width of conveyour bed belt from 600 to 1600 mm in a power range, demanded by the customer.


Unloading section
Linear flight
Stocker of a conveyor bed belt
Trailer and tension stations
Driving station
Conveyor attachment
Intermediate driving station