Mechanized bearings

Main information

The manufacturing sector of the plant is equipped with necessary set of machines for repair implementation of diverse metalwork of the mechanized timbering sections. The design group carries out calculation of strength and power elements parameters on the basis of which service conditions are modelled.

Improvement of the mechanized timbering is carried out on the way of their metal consumption and cost  decrease, reliability increase, parameter optimization, design creation providing full automation.

We have an opportunity to carry out production, repair, restoration, modernization and section metalwork delivery of the mechanized complexes with use of power hydraulics elements of own production.

The basis for technical, design and technological studies serve inquiries of clients. The forming conditions are technical enquiry and mining-and-geological service conditions, timbering operation as a part of the mechanized complex.

At the factory we repair mechanized complexes of such world manufacturing partners as Famur, Joy Global, Bucyrus, the Yurga Machine Building Plant.

GLINIK 15/32

DBT 2200/4800

DBT 2400/5000

JOY 2200/570

JOY 2400/650

TAGOR 24/50

КМ 138

КМ 142

MKU 2Sh 12/27

Pledge of excellent result

Welding of power hydraulics elements is made in the semi-automatic mode on special installations and is exposed to nondestructive control. The high quality of welding seams is provided by means of qualified welders and special approach to the choice of welding materials suppliers.

Corrosion protection of power hydraulics elements is executed by the method of electroplated two-layer coating. The first layer — leveling and fixing, is also executed in the form of Hmol. with covering thickness not less than 10-15 microns, the second layer of Htv. is applied to increase of thickness and durability of a covering and compounds not less than 35-40 microns.

This type of a covering and its thickness is more than enough for external surface protection of a rod against corrosion, mechanical influences of rock in the conditions of the mine and a high resource on abrasion. The materials, meeting the existing requirements of standards, specifications, are applied for production and repair of power hydraulics elements.

All materials, that are received on the plant, are exposed to entrance control, including carrying out  chemical analysis of metals, test of samples for durability and the analysis of a metal microstructure.