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Functionality of shiploader

A shiploader is used for transportation of bulk materials over the horizontal surface and their loading to hold of vessel.

Project of refitting of the approach trestle and the loading conveyor belt with installation of shiploaders for “OOO “TBT” MCC “EuroChem”


A radio remote controller is used to control a shiploader.  

Machine design provides for the following control and safety units: 

  • emergency stop buttons to stop all conveyor belt placed on a radio remote controller and on a main support column of the conveyor belt LK-11;
  • belt limit switches at the head and the tail ends of the conveyor belt;
  • belt tear detectors;
  • overflow sensors at intake hoppers;
  • rotation sensors of conveyer head and tail pulleys;
  • a position sensor at shifting of LK-11;
  • a wind speed sensor (up to 20 m/sec);
  • an electrical heated gearbox;
  • audio and light alarms, light marks of extensions and of a wheel leg assembly at berth.

Dust and hazardous substance emission control equipment used at shiploaders

At shiploaders suction hoses ASR-400-5T-2-В are used for dust-free loading of bulk materials to hold of vessel.

Fold tents and side fences made of polycarbonate sheeting are used at shiploader for reducing of dusting from wind action for loaded goods.