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To project and to create

In 2017 we performed general maintenance of a heading-and-winning machine “Ural-20 R” for PJSC “Uralkali”. The delivery of such order was a significant experience for us. 

The delivery of elements of the machine to the plant OOO “Zavod Krasny Oktyabr” by units was finished in July, 2017. In August, 2017 we performed checking for defects of each part.


Purchasing of new machinery demands heavy expenses. Thus, a general overhaul, which prolongs mechanical life of the machine for at least 5 years, is an optimal decision for PJSC “Uralkali”.

The efficient management performed by the senior staff of the OOO “Torgovy Dom zavoda “Krasny Oktyabr” let reduce the time of the planned maintenance by 30%, and it forced the planned commissioning by 2 months.

The staff of the plant faced to a demanding and daunting challenge. High professional competence of employees of the plant made possible to carry out such interesting order. A solid piece of work was performed, and within a very short time practically the new “Ural-20 R” was ready to go through banks of potash ores.

We have confirmed our professional competence one more time, so we face the future with confidence. Working on such big projects we got the unique experience, which allows us to execute similar orders and provide our employees with new interesting tasks. Meanwhile we continue to cooperate with PJSC “Uralkali” – we have already concluded a contract for constituent parts defects identifications of a heading-and-winning machine “Ural-10 R”, together with that two machines “Ural-20 R” are set for heavy overhaul.